Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Caribbean 21 & winning - online gambling

So I'm plyaing Caribbean 21 @ BoDog (where else?). I'm only playing for dollars since I'm still learning the game, but I'm doing really good! I've been playing for about 1/2 hour and I'm up $15. Not bad playing for $1 bets right?

If you never played it's a lot like blackjack, but with a few changes, the biggest is that Aces are always worth 1.

Anyway, I think I found next my favorite online casino game.

Poker is probably my first favorite online game, although it can get real boring and frustrating when your not winning. Sometimes I just like to play something fast, were I'm always in the action and don't have to wait while others play for the pot... I know most poker players who will never play casino games, but what the fun in that?